Another Guy That Gives New York Charter Bus Companies Nightmares

Another Guy That Gives New York Charter Bus Companies Nightmares

Posted on 2020-07-16

Last week we discussed  bus charter companies public enemy numero uno, Mr. Darrius McCollum, the New York native who had been arrested nearly 30 times for stealing subway trains and  New York charter busvehicles.

Apparently, he’s not the only one.

A recent article in the NY Daily News discussed Willie Perez, a janitor who was arrested earlier this month for impersonating an NYC transit supervisor. According to the article, Perez “has a long history of vehicle swiping that nearly rivals train-stealing fanatic” McCollum.

Perez, however, has previously held jobs through MTA. Since 1988, he has been arrested for swiping nearly a half-dozen busses, impersonating law enforcement officers, and “borrowing” several agency cars.

His most recent offense occurred when he told an L train conductor that he was a superintendent. He’s currently being held on Rikers Island (just like McCollum) because he was unable to post bail.

There is another, more worrisome difference between McCollum and Perez. Although McCollum has been arrested over twenty-five times, his list of crimes seems almost petty. In 1998, Perez pleaded guilty to sodmizing a 15-year-old boy, according to prosecutors.

Perez has been hired by the MTA twice, as recently as last October to be a car cleaner. Why McCollum cannot get a job with the MTA, but Perez can is beyond us.