Arne Duncan Uses Charter Bus To Boost Teacher Morale

Arne Duncan Uses Charter Bus To Boost Teacher Morale

Posted on 2020-07-16

There was an interesting story out of The Washington Post this week, about New York Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who is taking a  New York Charter Bus around the state in an effort to raise teacher morale.

That’s right. It’s not a campaign move or a fundraising effort. Duncan is simply attempting to “cheer on America’s teachers at a time when a sizable number are skeptical of President Obama’s education agenda.”

It’s a great article, and an ever greater cause. Not to mention one of the most positive uses of  charter bus service we’ve ever heard of. Usually when a politician needs a bus it’s strictly for campaigning purposes… and we know how “prestigious” those typically are.

But here’s Arne Duncan, a man who has dispensed tens of billions of dollars to assist struggling schools over the past eighteen months. A man who gave $3 billion to nine different states, as well as the District of Columbia, for “educational innovation.” A man who will give an additional $10 billion for education jobs before the school year starts.

The reason for the morale-boost bus trip? “Teachers have been disrespected, beaten down for a long time,” Dunca says. “We have to elevate the profession. We have to bring teaching back to a revered status.”