Charter Bus Safety: What Is 19-A Certification?

Charter Bus Safety: What Is 19-A Certification?

Posted on 2020-07-16

When we say that all of our  bus drivers are 19-A approved, you should know of course that everyone behind the wheel is irrefutably qualified, but not everyone realizes what work exactly goes into meeting 19-A requirements. What are the examinations and tests that New York bus drivers must complete before they receive 19-A certification? This week, we thought we would cover the precise tests you would have to take before driving a Monsey Bus.

§ Every other year, a physician performs a thorough health exam, including a comprehensive vision test.

§ In that same time, a supervisor conducts a behind-the-wheel test and looks at the following:

- Defensive driving habits

- Pre-trip inspection

- Use of the bus’ emergency tools

- General traffic use, including passing and turning

- Slowing the bus without braking

- Reversing and parking

§ The driver’s past driving record is checked annually, along with a personal interview.

§ In addition to the other biennial examinations, every driver must finish either an oral or written test of rules and safe driving practices.

More than other  charter companies, Monsey Tours truly elevates safety above everything else. When someone drives a Monsey Bus, our name is at stake, but more important to us are the people on board. Our passengers are our ultimate concern.