Charter Bus vs. Air Travel: Sequester Edition

Charter Bus vs. Air Travel: Sequester Edition

Posted on 2020-07-16

Over the last few months air travel in the United States has been greatly compromised by mandatory budget cuts created by the Congressional legislation widely referred to as the “sequester.” The results were longer waiting times at airports nationwide. The pinch of these extended waiting times were felt by the upper crust of the United States and, addressing one of the few demographics who seem to be attended to by the government, those rich travelers got what they wanted last week when Congress passed measures that allowed for new budget allocation to nix these cuts. Then again, did these elites get what they wanted?

For the last few years traveling via airplane has become more expensive and increasingly exhausting. The wide array of security measures have been enough to drive travelers away from air travel and into alternatives like  charter bus service in droves. It is not hard to see why.

The charms of taking a New York charter bus to a destination are undeniable: cheaper, often seemingly safer, more scenic and less stressful altogether.

If you are looking to take the family on summer trips this year, you can spend thousands and march through security check after security check, or you can get a charter bus to your destination.