Destinations In Canada

Destinations In Canada

Posted on 2020-07-16

Going on a bus tour with  Monsey Tours can provide the opportunity to explore new locations. A visit to Canada can result in memories that last a lifetime, particularly with a variety of destinations available for visitors.


Toronto is the big city destination in Canada. It offers the opportunity to enjoy a great night-life during a vacation and has some great sights for visitors and tourists. Furthermore, the theater offers an opportunity to enjoy the latest live shows.


Individuals who enjoy fitness activities are sure to enjoy visiting Vancouver. The city offers skiing during the winter months, surfing during the summer and walks through the park at any time of the year.


Looking for a bus tour that includes some history? Montreal is a great destination in Canada for a mixture of historical and brand-new buildings. The city has a rich history and it can be seen throughout the architecture.

Niagara Falls

The go-to destination in Canada for an amazing view is Niagara Falls. It has something to offer any visitor, regardless of personal preferences.

Canada has a variety of places and destinations that are perfect for a visit. Depending on personal preferences, the best place for a chartered bus tour will vary. The cities and the surrounding areas have a variety of activities available for individuals, couples or the entire family.