Hockey Fans Pick Monsey for Winter Sports Excitement

Hockey Fans Pick Monsey for Winter Sports Excitement

Posted on 2020-07-16

Winter weather is here, and the temptation to spend the season glued to the couch is powerful. Getting together with friends to watch a game is one of the most popular pastimes of the winter season, and while it’s true that enjoying sports on TV may provide some degree of entertainment and fun, there’s just no comparison to seeing a game live and in person.

If it’s winter, that means it’s a great time to catch a hockey game. And there’s no need to go it alone. With Monsey Tours, you and your whole gang of sports-minded buddies can enjoy the thrill and excitement of live sports. Featuring comfortable, climate-controlled interiors complete with on-board bathrooms and video systems, Monsey buses are built to appeal to even the most dedicated couch potatoes, carrying you in comfort all the way to your destination.

Team out of town? There’s no reason to settle for the small screen. Monsey offers transportation to stadiums from Baltimore and Philly all the way up to Boston so you never miss a faceoff. We even cater to college game fans, and we can pick you up at just about any location. Best of all, you can bring your appetizers right on the bus so you arrive at your game destination fired up and ready to cheer on the home team.

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