Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL

Posted on 2020-07-16

Pitchfork isn’t the only music festival taking over Chicago this summer. The city will also once again host Lollapalooza in Grant Park. Originally conceived as a single farewell tour for the alt rock outfit Jane’s Addiction, Lollapalooza grew in scope to become a nearly annual festival that has expanded to include not only the United States but Santiago, Chile and São Paulo, Brazil as well.

Today, 22 years after the festival’s first appearance, Lollapalooza is bigger than ever, including multiple stages, activities and shops, plenty of food vendors and even a farmers market. There’s also a huge lineup of some of rock, dance and hip-hop’s most popular acts, so reserve a charter bus now before it’s too late.

The Cure: Nearly 40 years on, the Cure is still bringing miserablist mope anthems wrapped in poppy post-punk packages to the masses. From the straight punk rock of their ’79 debut Three Imaginary Boys to the goth rock of 1982's Pornography and the pop bombast of 1987's Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, the Cure have something for every musical taste.

The Postal Service: Ever since their lone 2003 album became an unexpected pop sensation, the Postal Service have only seen their legend grow even as the group never reconvened for more material or performances. That changes this summer as the Postal Service hit the festival circuit hard, playing their first shows in 10 years.

Phoenix: Versailles-based rock group Phoenix found some unexpected success of their own when 2009's Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix became an international hit. Now they’re back with a new album of playful, bouncy rock songs to bring to a string of high profile appearances.