More Foods Not For Charter Bus Service

More Foods Not For Charter Bus Service

Posted on 2020-07-16

There are few things worse than traveling, whether it be by train, bus, or plane, and having the misfortune to be sitting next to a total stranger who is eating something that smells absolutely terrible.

We’ve been over this before on this blog, discussing what items people shouldn’t be eating during  charter bus service. Due to the positive response we’ve received form that previous post, we’ll examine three more food items we wouldn’t recommend you eat… for the sake of your neighbors…. While on a  New York charter bus:


It doesn’t sound like the most stinky of foods, but there’s no denying the smell can stretch! Even the smallest of bags will undoubtedly fill the entire ride with its stench. And while you may enjoy it, keep in mind that others might not.

Tuna Fish

Whether a casserole or just straight out of the can, tuna always gives off a powerful stench, no matter how you serve it.

Sloppy Joe’s

While many of our previous listings and suggestions have been about food’s that just don’t smell right, a sloppy joe isn’t recommended because, well…. its sloppy. Napkin supply is sure to be limited, the bathroom’s on the busses aren’t going to provide you with nearly the amount of cleanliness you’ll require, and it is physically impossible to eat a proper sloppy joe without getting a majority of it on yourself. In fact, elt’s just make it a rule to stay away from anything that has the word “sloppy” in it.