New York Charter Bus Etiquette

New York Charter Bus Etiquette

Posted on 2020-07-16

Emily Post never rode a  York charter bus, but if she had, she would have written something about bus etiquette. Now, I’m no Emily–I’ll admit to a seemingly unbreakable habit of elbows on the table, but I’ve spent a lot of time on buses, and the way I see it, there are a few simple rules that ought to be carved in stone. Or at least engraved on really elegant card stock and thoughtfully mailed to you within a week of your most recent bus ride.

As we are in the age of blogs, and I don’t have your home address handy, and since I’ve got your attention…

1. If there are people getting off the bus while you are waiting to get on, let those people get off the bus.

2. If there are elderly, disabled or pregnant people waiting in line with you, let them get on before you.

3. Before your New York Charter Bus hits the road, you will probably hear the driver mention cell phones. He will request that you keep cell phone ringers turned to vibrate, and that you keep any cell phone conversations quiet and brief. Know this now: there is no more annoying human on the planet than the person who disregards this request.

4. If your earphones are actually just mini-speakers, know that your neighbor is suffering. Be nice and noise cancel.

5. What a relief that there’s a bathroom on the bus! KEEP IT CLEAN.

6. Don’t leave trash anywhere but in a trash receptacle, even if that’s just a provided plastic bag. Why would you do that?

7. Thank your driver. After all, she did all the work while you sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Thank you ever so much for dropping by, and please do come back soon!