See The States: Arizona

See The States: Arizona

Posted on 2020-07-16

The quintessentially Southwest city of Phoenix, Arizona is located in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by beautiful mountains and distinctly western vegetation and wildlife. It’s the sixth most populous city in the United States as well as the most populous state capital. If you’re interested in exploring this diverse and geographically unique city, book a charter bus service and check out some of these sights and attractions.

Camelback Mountain: Located right at the edge of the city, the Camelback Mountain is a popular attraction for hiking and rock climbing. Those who brave the trails will be rewarded with stunning views of Phoenix as well as the surrounding Paradise Valley.

Desert Botanical Gardens: At this peaceful metropolitan retreat you’ll see numerous examples of desert flora while walking trails that organize specimens by themes like desert wildflowers and Sonoran Desert.

Fry Bread House: No trip to Phoenix is complete without a trip to this culinary institution. Specializing in the Navajo taco, a Native American dish commonly known throughout the United States as the elephant ear, the Fry Bread House serves many varieties of the fried dough delicacy, including savory varieties topped with meat, beans and vegetables and sweet dessert variations dripped with honey.

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