Tips For Car (or Bus) Sickness

Tips For Car (or Bus) Sickness

Posted on 2020-07-16

Too many people decline trip after trip because of the fear of motion sickness. If you’ve experienced this condition even once, you likely have vowed never to experience it again. When forced to take a trip, you dread the entire experience. Stop letting motion sickness dictate where you travel. Next time your friends or family suggest a  charter bus trip to an exciting locale, utilize these tips and join them!

Motion Sickness Tips:

Understand The WHY? – Knowledge is half the battle. The reason for motion sickness is the fact that your body is experiencing a discrepancy between what you see (the inside of a car) and what you feel (your body’s vestibular system telling your brain that you’re moving). This results in the dizziness, nausea and headaches that can ensue.

Gaze Ahead –  Looking out the front window will confirm your balance system’s detection of motion and help resolve the sensory mismatch that causes car sickness. Focus on a non-moving object in the distance. Avoid reading, writing or playing games.

Sit In The Front – Call your  charter bus service ticket booking representative in advance to try to secure seats near the front of the bus. You will have more window space to look through and the ride tends to be less bumpy.

Close Your Eyes – Closing your eyes (and even sleeping) is the best thing you can do for motion sickness. You won’t win most exciting passenger, but you will stay free of sickness.