Tis the Season for Fall Fun

Tis the Season for Fall Fun

Posted on 2020-07-16

Fall is technically in another two weeks, but today in New York fall is in the air. It is crisp, breezy, and most importantly, comfortable! Jeans are back on the wardrobe table. Now that people are officially in the mood for pumpkin spice lattes and apple pies, it is time to book a  New York charter bus for all the fall activities this season. Apple and pumpkin picking should be at the top of everyone’s list. There are plenty of farms on Long Island, in upstate New York, and around the corner in New Jersey to visit—and of course Monsey can take you to any of those locations.

A trip to the farm is not only good for family and friends on the weekend, it is also the perfect school trip, for kids of all ages. You are never too old to enjoy the fresh taste of apples, the excitement of carving a pumpkin, or the rural appeal of life on a farm. But do not let that pound of apples you purchase go to waste. There are apples pies, stuffing, and a host of other dishes to make. The same goes for the pumpkins!

A  charter bus can take you to your destination quickly and safely. It is the smartest solution for those in the city who do not own a car. They deserve a trip to the farm too!

Football Season Begins

We are barely into September and every football fan in America is pumped for the start of the season –and that is putting it lightly! Although I’m sure fans are sad to see the end of summer, they are far more excited for tailgating, games in the snow, and devoting every minute of Sunday to watching football. When watching at home is not satisfying enough, head over to the MetLife Stadium for a Giants or Jets game. The MetLife Stadium is the only NFL stadium shared by two teams and in 2014, it will have the honor of hosting the 48th Super Bowl –making it the first Super Bowl to be played outdoors in cold weather.

Not looking forward to the drive? Monsey Tours  bus company can help. Our  charter buses will take you safely to the arena and back home again this football season. So do not worry about sitting in hours of traffic, finding parking, or forgoing alcohol. You can let Monsey Tours do all the hard work so you can enjoy the game and rest easy knowing you will get home safely.

Monsey Tours travels to all the major stadiums in the New York area. So after football season sadly ends, you can begin heading to Madison Square Garden for the Knicks or Nassau Coliseum for the Islanders. Enjoy sporting events all year long with Monsey!

Explore the Howe Caverns

With the school year about to begin, parents and teachers are bound to be searching for a great new spot to take the children. Or perhaps you’re looking to squeeze in one more family adventure in these last remaining days of summer. The Howe Caverns is an adventure park unlike any other. There may be no scary roller coasters to speak of, but there is an entire world nearly 200 feet below the surface of the Earth. The caverns are located in upstate New York, not far from Schenectady.

The prehistoric underground is over 6 million years old and began taking shape in the Cretaceous period. At the time, the eastern part of New York was covered by the Atlantic Ocean. The ocean teemed with sea creatures, many of which built their shells from nearby calcium carbonate. Over hundreds of years the bottom of the ocean became filled with the shells. The layers turned into limestone and the North American continent slowly rose out of the sea, eventually forming the caverns.

There is much more to explore and to learn about this beautiful series of caverns, of which there are very few left in the world. Several tours are given each day. Remember to bring a light jacket, comfortable clothing, and sneakers with good traction. Unleash your inner explorer with a trip to the caverns. Call Monsey Tours to book a  charter bus today for your family.

A Day at the South Street Seaport

Manhattan has numerous points of attraction and there is always something exciting happening–no matter what time of day. It’s the reason why so many people flock to this city and set up residence. One area that is sure to keep you busy, especially while we enjoy the last few weeks of warmth and sunshine, is the South Street Seaport. Not only can you enjoy a fantastic view of the river, there are plenty of other things to do there. Just down the block is the famous Bodies Exhibit as well as the Seaport Museum.

Explore a variety of restaurants and a beer garden located at Pier 17 if you care to enjoy a few drinks. The mall offers ample shopping selections, as well as various storefronts in the surrounding streets. Concerts, usually free, and festivals are happening just about every weekend. Check out the Fulton Stall Market each Saturday and Sunday for a great selection of fresh food.

And let’s not forget the magnificent ships to explore. If you prefer land, however, there are bike rentals available. A  charter bus from Monsey Tours can take you to this wonderful summertime destination. It’s an ideal location for families and individuals this summer. Hop on a  New York charter bus before summer’s end.