Watch Classic British Comedy on Your Charter Bus NYC

Watch Classic British Comedy on Your Charter Bus NYC

Posted on 2020-07-16

When you’re on a  charter bus nyc and need some entertainment, classic British comedy is a surefire way to get everyone in high spirits.

1. Fawlty Towers – Fawlty Towers, first broadcast in 1975, stars John Cleese as a rude hotel owner, Basil Fawlty, who has little patience for his wife, Sybil (Prunella Scales), and staff Polly and Manuel. Famous episodes include The Germans, in which a concussed Basil tries desperately not to mention the war, and Basil The Rat, where Manuel’s pet rat is on the loose in the hotel at the same time as the health inspector.

2.    Yes, Minister:  This 1980s political comedy is set in the fictional Department for Administrative Affairs in Whitehall and follows the struggles between Minister Jim Hacker, played by Paul Eddington, and his conniving Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby, played by Nigel Hawthorne, with the affable and verbose Bernard Woolley caught between the two.

3.    Mr Bean – This 1990s series, perfect for  charter bus service entertainment, stars Rowan Atkinson as the socially inept Mr Bean. With his best friend Teddy and his beloved Mini, Mr Bean gets up to all sorts of mischief: he meets the Queen, who he accidentally knocks over, gets a turkey stuck on his head, and manages to turn out all the Christmas lights at Harrods.