Apps to Keep You Busy During a Bus Trip

Apps to Keep You Busy During a Bus Trip

Posted on 2020-07-16

Sometimes bus trips take hours, and sometimes bus trips just feel like they take hours. With today’s easily portable technology, there’s no reason to get bored on a bus (unless you’re the driver, of course)! Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, entertainment is just a touch away.

Need some ideas? Here are a few things you can do on your mobile device.

Watch a movie or TV show. Now is the perfect time to watch that must-see movie that you haven’t had time to see. A longer bus trip is the perfect opportunity.

If you’re more of a book fan and you can read on the bus without getting, get an eBook to read. Before you know it, you’ll be in another world.

Catch up on current events with one of the many news app. What a productive use of time!

Games are addicting and time flies while you’re focusing on beating that highest score. But if you start yelling at the screen, it’s probably time to stop.

You can pretty much do anything on your phone or tablet from shopping to taking selfies with your bus buddies to watching dumb videos on YouTube. The possibilities are endless!