See Montreal with a NY Charter Bus

See Montreal with a NY Charter Bus

Posted on 2020-07-16

Getting the whole family together to experience something new can be huge. The bonds built on a long trip and the experiences had will affect you and your family’s lives for years to come. Of course cost always gets in the way, so far too often our families settle on a quick jaunt to the amusement park or a nearby beach. We have another idea.

How about you load up a NY charter bus with your whole family and head to beautiful Montreal, Canada. Montreal is a unique experience for kids and grownups alike: enough English to keep everyone safe and cozy with enough French speakers to feel exotic to many young travelers.

While trips to amusement parks and beaches are great for unwinding, the history and unique culture of Montreal can make it an eye-opening experience for young vacationers. It is also not without its own healthy share of fun on its cobblestone streets. There is a wide array of creperies, an insectarium, and Biodome!

Monsey Buses are available to take trips to Canada. Our charter bus service will be an inexpensive alternative to a pricey and stressful flight to Canada. Load up the whole family and see something different this summer!